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Evergreen Church of Peachtree City, GA, Follow, Share, Serve. Evergreen Church. We are peachtree city's Evergreen Church. Presbyterian Church, Peachtree City, GA. Church in Peachtree City, GA. Church. The Vision - A Presbyterian Fellowship that passionately follows, shares, and serves Christ through the power of the Gospel. - The Mission - The covenant Partners of Evergreen Church actively commit to: Receive God’s gift of salvationthrough Jesus Christ, holding to the infallible Word of God, and choosing to continually love and trust Him. Become more Christ-like by embracing the journey of transformation, practicing spiritual disciplines, and living a grace-filled life empowered by the Holy Spirit.Partner with God to build His Kingdom by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and living a life of service by giving of one’s time, abilities, and resources.Grow in fellowship with others by celebrating the blessings and responsibilities of being a part of this church family.Follow ∙ Share ∙ Serve. Evergreen Church. main church. Church in peachtree city, ga, Church, church.Presbyterian. We are a Reformed community of believers. Evergreen Church in Peachtree City,Evergreen Church, Georgia. as a part of the ECO Presbyterian community. As we rely on God’s grace and His promises to guide us, we are humbled as He begins to shape the hearts of a new ECO community. We are waiting expectantly to join the great work He has in mind for His church in the years to come. Evergreen Church, ECO Presbyterian Church Presbyterianh has been incorporated under the name evergreen church. “Evergreen Church ”