Who We Are

Evergreen Church

We are a multigenerational, family fellowship dedicated to passionately following, sharing, and serving Christ.
As a member of ECO:
A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians,we’re a group of passionate, energetic, engaged, and committed individuals driven by the desire to exalt Christ through community and showing grace to all.


Our Covenant

The Covenant Partners of Evergreen Church actively commit to:
Receive God’s gift of salvation through Jesus Christ, holding to the infallible Word of God, and choosing to continually love and trust Him.
Become more Christ-like by embracing the journey of transformation, practicing spiritual disciplines, and living a grace-filled life empowered by the Holy Spirit.
Partner with God to build His Kingdom by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and living a life of serviceably giving of one’s time, abilities, and resources.
Grow in fellowship with others by celebrating the blessing and responsibilities of being a part of this church family.


Our Look

As with our walk with Christ, the Evergreen Tree continually grows, remains constant and keeps its leaves throughout all seasons. Our logo is designed to reflect our core values and beliefs and is a visual reminder of all we do at Evergreen Church. The opening at the base of the leaf signifies our always open door and desire to continually add new members to our community and church family. The Cross centered in the leaf represents our source of never-ending strength and guidance, Jesus Christ. The tip of the leaf points upward toward heaven, our focus and joy.