Details for Sunday worship 8.16.2020

Hello Evergreen Church family, 

We have two services tomorrow, Sunday, August 16. Remember both services are open to everyone and neither service requires a RSVP. 

Items you may wish to bring to the indoor service: 
  1. Face mask
  2. Black tuxedo, formal gown, and cowboy boots with biker shorts (Just kidding. Just want to make sure you are reading this. Ha Ha) 

Outdoor worship details:

  1. Attend from your car, golf cart or picnic style on the lawn. If you are staying in your car, tune in to radio station 102.3 FM for the service. 
  2. Bring lawn chairs, lined blankets, sunglasses etc.
  3. Bring dinner and enjoy as a family during worship. 
  4. Bathrooms are available in the downstairs Landmark hallway. 
  5. Text to Give phone number 678.252.5400.
  6. Rain decisions will be made for the outdoor service by 5 pm the evening of worship. You will be notified by email or text.
 Online worship will be posted on our website and Facebook tomorrow at 9:30 am. 

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow, 
Evergreen Church staff