Family Life

Here at Evergreen, we love your family just the way it is. Old or young, new or blended, crazy or quiet – your family is our family. Evergreen’s Family Life Ministry is designed to help you bring the Gospel into your home on a regular basis. We’ll provide you with resources and opportunities for faith-based conversations within your family unit, all while equipping you to handle the tough stuff along the way. Welcome home!

How To Get Started

Talk To Your Family
Let the members of your family know why you believe family worship will be a blessing, and that the time spent together in worship will be a priority this week.
Ask God
Invite the Lord to move and work in your family this week. Ask Him to unite your family, as well as unveil His glories to you and yours.
Find A Time
Some families worship together over breakfast or dinner, or even right before bed. Whatever time works for your family is the right time!

Food for Thought

Make the most of your family worship break apart what each passage is saying. The devotional questions below are provided to help challenge yourself and your family as we strive towards God together. If you have young kiddos, take a moment each day to ask your child if they heard any words they recognized, and any words they did not. Then be sure to explain the more difficult words and give an example of those ideas in your life.

More Information

Evergreen Church’s Week of Family Worship challenge was inspired by and modeled after Crossway’s devotional series, “Family Worship 101 with Don Whitney”. You can subscribe to the email-based devotional series