FellowshipOne launch update

Hello Evergreen family,

The next phase in launching FellowshipOne, our new contact management system, is now ready to go live. 

The following information will help you create your own member portal. 

1. On August 5 you will receive an email from Evergreen Church inviting you to create a member login for FellowshipOne. 

2. Your login will be (First Name <dot> Last Name – example Sarah.Thompson) with a temporary password. After you log in to your account, you can change your password.

3. Once you are logged in to the system you will be taken to your profile page. On the profile page you can review your profile information, upload a picture to the online directory, view your current giving, and view your church groups and ministries. 

4. After the August 5 launch, you will receive information about our online mobile app. The app allows you to register for events, view the church directory, and give electronically.

We are excited for the new contact management system, but we know change and transition can be bumpy. If you need assistance please contact Stacy, Raymonde, or Sarah and we will be glad to help. 

Raymonde Neely