In order to study Pentecost, we have to begin at the beginning. Join Corinne in this week’s episode to discover the first Pentecost, The Festival of Weeks as laid out in Leviticus 23. Find out how this festival and the Hebraic lunar calendar point directly to Pentecost of the Early Church in the New Testament!

This study isn’t limited to YouTube! We’ve included two challenges you and your family can engage with no matter your age. You’re stuck at home, so what else are you gonna do? Try them out and let us know how it goes on social media with #ThriveTakeOut.

Click below to download copies of the recipe and gleaning challenge!

As you’ll learn in this week’s episode, there are exactly fifty days in between the Festival of First Fruits and the Festival of Weeks in the Hebraic calendar. This time period of anticipating the Festival of Weeks is known as “Counting the Omer”. Provided below is a calendar you can print off and hang in your home as we move through these fifty days together. Hang it up somewhere where you and your family can “Count the Omer” together and eagerly anticipate the celebration of Pentecost!