Day – 2 Created by Love

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Unwrapping the Greatest Gift Advent Devotional by Ann Voskamp

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Today’s Reading: Genesis 1:1-5, 26-27

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.
The earth was formless and empty, and darkness covered
the deep waters. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the surface
of the waters. Then God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.
And God saw that the light was good. Then he separated the light from
the darkness. God called the light “day” and the darkness “night” …
God said, “Let us make human beings in our image, to be like us.
They will reign over the fish in the sea, the birds in the sky,
the livestock, all the wild animals on the earth, and the small animals
that scurry along the ground.”
So God created human beings in his own image.
In the image of God he created them;
male and female he created them.


Thoughts to discuss

  • What was special about the way God created humans?
  •  How do you know God loves you?
As you hang today’s ornament on your Jesse Tree, thank God for loving you.